[abi] and Boston

I finished those earrings about a week ago. Felt a little funny about them and held off listing them until today. They're called 'Abi' after a friend of mine who loves mint chocolate. She spells her name differently but the pairing of aventurine and the dark wooden bead reminded me of mint chocolate. (Picture is clickable)

Went to Boston yesterday. Walk/rode the Freedom Trail. I don't like the time constraints of day trips feeling so rushed to do everything. But I guess that just means we'll have to go back another day. It went over better than last time in Boston. Two words: Whale Watch. Whale's breath is super-funky...but they didn't tell you that until you were on the boat and way out in the ocean.

We stuck to terra firma this time. It was nice, except when it wasn't. I'll be uploading some of the 200+ pics I took to my Flickr. Boston pics on Flickr