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I made earrings yesterday. Well, mostly. Realized that I had no more posts so...must buy them.

I also have a job. Eep! Haha. It doesn't start till April and it's temporary. Still...this is good, right?

Post Picture: My thread. I cut a bunch. I have to work in tiny steps sometimes. Then I took a picture. I meant to upload it to my flickr for the Crafting 365. But really, I'm just not good at 365 projects. Especially having to share a computer with the rest of the fam. *sigh* One day...


Sweet and Sour

I kinda left off with posting. I had nothing to say. I had nothing to promote really. Nothing new. Just life, grey skies. Winter. I'm determined to make earrings today.

So the sweet of the post is the picture. Candy. The sour would be anything else I wrote except I'm not going to bore you. Not again. I thought...well, apparently it doesn't matter what I thought. It's all so tricksy.

Post Picture: Sour Patch Kids! My love!



Little Me

More snow. More cold. I'm so ready for warmer weather. Seriously. I say that almost every winter, but this year it's snowed so much, not a lot just often. I'm ready to move on. Almost like...

Cleaned some, thought some, talked to my brothers. Silly, we're all silly. I really hope we never lose that, that we never get so mad at each we stop talking. *stops with the sentimentality*

Post Picture: Me at about 5-years-old, on the steps at my old house. I loved pink when I was little. Then I just stopped...liking pink and being little. heh



Got 4 blog comments yesterday. (It says '5', one was me.) Made me feel special. heh!

I haven't made anything for the shop today but I did finally get some headway on another introspective piece (writing, you know), which I've also titled 'Vortextuality'. (Made up words are the shiz) Here's the beginning:

I'd been hung out to dry these last few days, wanting to write it out, not having the words or any cohesion for the few ideas I had. Expressing through language is tricky for me sometimes. Even though I know in my head the words I want to use, writing them just doesn't work. I try and the sentences grate on my ear. Maybe that's only something writers understand. Or it could be a problem of mine alone. *adds to list*

In the words of Mr. Darcy, in the BBC Pride and Prejudice, I shall conquer this. I just want to know why I had to go through it in the first place.

Post Picture:
My sketch pic from yesterday. My artist mother, sketches doodles all the time. I inevitably end up playing with words and letters. Should tell me where my chief interest lies. :)



I photographed those magnets and listed them. The picture above is clickable. They bring my magnet design listings to 10. I feel good about that. I like even numbers. Plus, a goal of mine is to get to 20 designs. So I'm halfway there.

Short post today. I don't want to harp on things, especially things I don't want to detail on the interwebs. My thoughts are repetitive and...yeah.


Push. Fight. Win?

mismatch I attempted a sewing project yesterday. It didn't work out the way I had hoped. I'm no stranger to this, somewhat botched attempt at 'brilliance'. No artists/designers, or very few, are. But it just feels like nothing is working for me now. It's me against the world. I've felt like this for a while. I'm tired of it. Addendum: The very smallest something has me smiling. Amazing!

I'm still going through our pictures. I'd gotten sidetracked like I know would. But I'm back because I need to do something with my days. Found this one, of my and the brothers at a wedding, circa 1999. I'm in the center, in case you can't tell:

Post Picture (top): My feet. I had on mismatching socks yesterday. I noticed too late for it to be the post picture for yesterday. I can dress myself...really.



It's oddly warm here, where I live, across the street from a white house. (It's probably just as warm on the other side of the street. :P) It's dreadfully overcast, though. I really wanted to go for a walk, I needed to be outside. So I did. For about 45 minutes I strolled along with my umbrella in one hand, just in case, my bag slung over my shoulder.

I got a line that may be on a t-shirt or something one day. I tried not to think about my...situation, the thing that is still on my mind all the time. It annoys and captivates me, still. It's frustrating and I just...wish...I could...get some closure I guess. This open-ended limbo thing just isn't cool. Really, truly.

Instead I listened to water rushing at the pond, the squish of my boot-ish shoes on the supersoaked ground. I dodged puddles and...other pleasantries left on the sidewalk. *reports* heh. I listened to the song that's been cycling through my brain: One Republic's Stop and Stare, mainly the chorus. I wondered if I looked ridiculous with my brightly colored golf umbrella, it was closed, on a dry day. It was mildly refreshing. But then, I was home, and...well...

So I continue and wait and trust that one day, this won't be the topic of everything I write, touch, talk about. One day...

Post Picture: Taken in May 2007 on the day I fell in love with photography. Seeing it now, reminds me of brighter days in every sense of the term. To spring!


Continue 2.17

I feel I may reuse that title as I've reused others. I like short titles for posts, quickly summing up what the post is generally about. So as you may guess, I'm continuing.

'Tis a slow, rainy Sunday. I was gonna go for a walk, but cold AND rainy just isn't fun.

Yesterday I used courage I didn't know I had. I think it was courage. It was definitely a challenge. I wasn't glad at first, I can't say I'm glad now, but I am at peace. Which is good, and a change. I had been so conflicted. The change continues

I do hope to get some work done for a new item in my shop. However, I'm not sure I have all the stuff that I need for it. I'm not sure if I'm want to use these snap hooks or something like them. I don't think I NEED them. But, you know, conflict.

Post picture: Me holding a giant potato in front of one of the dining room windows. I can't figure a way to tie this into the post. It was just a zany pic for the Photopalooza. Love me!


Now 2.16

I joined the Etsy Photopalooza! today. To include pictures in my posts I am to do. So there!

You know it's not good when your mom says she's proud of you and the first thing you think is, when your head on your hand, "No, this horrible." Emotional rollercoasters suck.

Generally I try to post pictures of things that relate somehow to the post. I guess I'll say, and I'm reaching here, that I'm a mess like those loops, but hoping that out of all this there will be something good that lasts forever, or a long time. (Those old-school woven potholders are tough.)

Post Picture: From May of 2007- potholder loops, some on the loom, in the shadows. One of the pics my camera agreed to. It's such a cantankerous little thing.


I have become popular enough to get spam comments. Meh! If it was a one-time thing, I'd be okay. But it's not, so I'm adding CAPTCHA to the commenting now. I hate the things. But it must be done. Hopefully that'll help.


Day1- begin again

day1- begin again
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Post number 200!

So a while ago I started the Crafting 365 on Flickr. Then came, well, stuff and I kinda fell off the wagon. I wanted to start again in January. I wanted to do a lot in January. Anyway, I'm starting now.

I'm playing with graph paper. I'm making up pattern pieces for new sewn goods. All the lines on the graph paper make it perfect to me. New stuff next week, hopefully!


Blurble 2.14

Hmm...not sure what to say.

I sold this to my mom. She wants me to make more and call them 'Wall Enhancers'. I'm not sure they really really fit with what I'm trying, trying, to do with my shop. I think there can be too much diversification. Woodburned art...I don't know. Just don't know.

I took a Self Portrait for the SPT Flickr group. It's me and my teddy...bear. :P I've had here since I was born. If that bear could talk...

I finished reading Mansfield Park. As I wrote earlier, I've been watching The Complete Jane Austen on PBS. I have read three of Austen's books. So I'm filling in on the ones I hadn't. The movie was of MP was quite like the book. I was pleased. There were differences but nothing glaringly erroneously like with some versions of Jane Eyre. *won't get started*

I'm really chatty, ATM, which isn't like me. *sigh*

Post Picture (top): My backyard, yesterday. It snowed into Wednesday and then rained all day. Fairly hard. It was a slushy, ice cold mess. I stayed inside.



It's snowing...again. I'm so ready for spring. Really. Stop with the arctic blasts already. *sigh* Never mind. See why here by clicking the colorful link. Colorful Link

I checked my other email, the one I use for my other sales ventures of non-handmade stuff. I made two sales yesterday. I totally wasn't going to check that email. Mostly I have up old books that we probably shouldn't have bought in the first place. They don't sell often. So I'll package up those things and ship them, tomorrow. It made me happy.

Ya wanna know what else made me happy? Seems the writer's strike may be over soon. That would be great. Though watching TV is a largely a waste of time, I miss Heroes and Chuck and wasn't about to settle for Your Dad is Better than My Dad. I realize that this might still be the end of this season. But there is hope.

Post Picture: One of the things that sold.


Just sayin'

New magnets! Yay! Finally! haha. I've been so out of sorts that finishing something and then photographing it has been a huge production. I'm really diggin' the stick person quote bubble design. If you have a word or two that you think would look good on a magnet, leave a comment. I'm open to suggestions. :)

So that's my uber cheery post for the day.



I was all, "I'm gonna blog today." But I have no idea what about. Ha!

I'm up early. Especially recently, especially for a Saturday. I was supposed to be going out to breakfast with my dad. He's running late.

I listed some chain. I was supposed to be destashing, listing all these supplies in January. That month zipped by, wrought with concerns for Bro2's birthday, Christmas hangover, and stress from, well, a situation I'd thought myself into and life in general. I couldn't focus enough to list and the weather permitted me take only the most craptastic pictures. Eh. It all ended by the end of the month. I'm accepting my new normal, settling into it.

Oh, if anyone has ideas on what I could do with old knit tops, hit me up with a comment. I'm brainstorming, only since yesterday. They're in good shape, I would just like to make them into something else. I could give them to Salvation Army or something, but then I run the risk of seeing them again. I've had them for years, I want them to go away. Maybe an out-of-state thrift-y store. Haha!

Post Picture:
Me. With crumbs on my shirt. It's a good thing they didn't get where they wanted to go. Itchiness of an unpleasant variety would have ensued. Flickr link.


Sketch - That is IT!

Sketch - That is IT!
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So I joined another Flickr group, started by the lovely mlee, for sketching. I wasn't going to because I don't sketch. I definitely don't share the sketches I do. Because I have been such a perfectionist, it's a laborious thing, that I don't really like. But it's necessary at times.

My mom requested a magnet...or something, for her hairdresser. "That is IT!" is a saying of hers, the hairdresser. I drew a blank (heh, pun unintended) like I always do when first presented with a custom request. Then I took out my cheap-o sketch book, that is really filled with more writing that drawing and drew out this. I saw it in a flash and tried to sketch it out. I guess I CAN do it better than I think I can. I think...maybe.

I can't say I'll sketch everyday. A lot of my work just doesn't require it...to me. But I'll give it another shot. Lately I've been learning to give things, people, a second chance...or third, fourth, eighty-ninth. Haha. I'm so much better than I was. I can't give up now.



I've broken through a huge mental block/conniption. I'm such a mental person, I think all the time. For a while I was so unable to focus. But I've largely let go. I still have it on my mind, but it's not as consuming. Change! It's exciting, too.

Did some burning today. I actually finished a new set of magnets. It's been so grey and rainy here though I haven't been able to get around to taking pictures. I made a change in the process, the way I wanted to do it all along. I'm pleased.

I went grocery shoppin' with my mom and I met Colin Cowherd. (I'm not tellin' you what store.) He's a radio talk show host on ESPN. I love his show. Like seriously. I may not have come out much that I'm a bit of a sports junkie. But I met him, was starstruck and smiled a lot. Haha! It was weird.

I also got un-NIPSA'd on Flickr. Not totally blog-worthy but hey...

So, yeah, hopefully I'll get some decent pics of my new things soon. Sun, please, I'd like to see you again.


A favorite

It's a commercial from the Super Bowl. I actually went to a party and was too busy 'socializing' to see most of the commercials. A big deal is always made of the Super Bowl commercials. The crowd had thinned by the time this one aired. Love it! Enjoy!


Let's see

dd- Day 1
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I don't know what to say. Just typin' randomly and see what happens. (only for semi-experienced sober bloggers...extremely dangerous otherwise...hehe)

I'm tired of feeling the way I do. I'm tired of it. For real. I'm tired of fighting myself, fighting the world and whatever powers that be. I thought I'd caught a break, that things were changing. But everything's really still the same. I'm left to wonder, and wander, alone...again. I'm so disappointed.

I should mention that it's the Super Bowl. I want the Patriots to win. It's more a regional alliance for me than a real deep caring as it with the Yankees. Yankee love is genetic, generational for me. Plus, then they'd go undefeated for the whole season. In a past life I was a sports junkie. I still keep up with some stuff.

Bought new thread yesterday. My family keeps giving me gift certificates to a local bead store. It would be better if they just gave me the money, haha, but I know they won't do that. It's mostly pastels. I'll have to see what I can come up with. I could have bought all the colors they had, but I just couldn't use the whole gift certificate at once. There were other things I needed, but it's better to buy them online, in bulk.

Well, I'll say that's the end of my post. Not too bad.

Post Picture:New magnets to be listed later this week. I lurves the stick people. :)


I'm 2!

On Etsy, I am 2! I can hardly believe it. Though this last month, the last 5 months have been seemed to creep by, my Etsy time seems to have flown by. I got a sale, today, too. So that was nice. :)

I've come a ways in regards to my shop. I still have a lot I want to do. Don't we all? I'm in a way better state of mind then I was a year ago. So it's mostly good.

Post Pictures: I uploaded several of the banners that I've used in my shop over the last two years. The top was the first. The bottom one is the current one. There were lots more in between that just weren't that interesting or that I deleted. It's interesting to see them together. The changes, the memories, the same.