Rain...a funny thing.

To cut straight to the chase, I sold six items at the market today. Thrilled, you betcha! I tried not to look completely stunned when the compliments turned to sales. So long I've had to subsist on compliments...which I love but it's a little frustrating when that's all you get.

One of my buyers actually lives in Europe, she was in CT visiting family. She bought a pair of Leaflets and a bracelet. Met a super-charming little girl with her hair in Shirley Temple curls. Quite a talker, she was. Another lady was a metalsmith and considered setting up shop there one day, too. I inspire people. :)

Then at a little before 1 o'clock the heavens opened and it poured. Our tent has removable sides but this time we un-removed them and waited for the Bros to come back, they'd taken the car.

Now I must work on new items and/or remakes. I needed this.

Post Picture: Falls framed for a buyer from last week's show.