Being optimistic is draining. Isn't that a great opening line. I know in the previous entry I was all ecstatic about the magnets I bought. And I still am. But it's getting hard again to happy about anything else. I'm sick of being this way. I just would like a small mite of success.

I did list today. It's a supplies listing. I've been going through my beads and other supplies. I have a lot of stuff. Some of it I'll never use but I'm not sure it's worth listing because after fees and shipping I'd probably only have $.25. But I'd take any sale now. I tried to put it up yesterday but the site crashed. I didn't try again.

I rented Memoirs of a Geisha DVD from the library yesterday. I watched it between making dinner and watching So You Think You Can Dance. :P I had read the book earlier this year. Maybe even last year. It was good, the book, though somewhat morally off-center. The language was amazing, especially since it was written by an American man and not translated. It was so different than the language I'm used to.

The movie I wasn't as happy with. (I realize I just ended back-to-back) sentences with a preposition.) If I hadn't read the book I would have probably liked it more. The costuming and many of the settings are beautiful. But the plot didn't follow the book, they left out the beginning and the end. I realize there are time constraints and not everything can be like the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice. Or the recent Jane Eyre rendition. But there was a lot in those sections that developed the main character and answered questions of what happened at the end. *sigh* I think I get too attached to books and don't allow for creative interpretation by the movie people. But they left out the beginning and the end!