Blurble 7.27

If you google Google you get 785,000,000 results. :P Just an FYI.

Yesterday at theater went swimmingly. It was unbelievable. I'd been praying since Tuesday. The director was way less evil and showed glimpses of being brilliant. It was amazing. Next week, is Tech Week, where they're gonna run through the whole show with costumes, lights, set, makeup, band...everything. Late nights.

I really want to redo my banner. I'm considering dropping the LP from my shop name and just going with 'rjax'. That might cause confusion though, because 'rJax' isn't my name on Etsy. At any rate that banner is old.

I made one of a pair of new earrings. They're white. I kinda like them, but I think something's missing. Of course, I've been told I don't have to LOVE everything I make. And I do like them enough to list them. I just feel like there should be more to them.


Face it

Something's wrong with me. I don't know what.

My metal projects are at a standstill. I've been too stressed and sluggish to work on them. August 13th I'll be one happy sister. Unless I have a job. Then I'll still be stressed.

Um, I could go on, but it's probably best that I don't. I'll post a pretty picture for you, though.

My brother took this. I think it's nice.


Dear Blog Readers

How do you recommend dealing with an overbearing, tyrannical crazy person?

We're about 10 days away from opening night at theater. The director is the aforementioned person. I almost walked out last night, the first night of set working with the cast. The first night of set crew moving set...and we didn't have a full crew. I just about never quit. That I considered it shocked me, but she was unbearable.

I would put this in a new post but it would put it above this one and then it wouldn't be right. Thanks to thymbyldesigns of Etsy, the way you combat thoughts of the mad director, you watch vidoes from a different type of mad director


Bits and Pieces and Glitter

So I'm reusing an entry title...sorta. It's my blog. hehe

[bit 1]
I found this bookcase on Stylefeeder months ago. More recently, I started a link list on Thisnext. I even have a badge on my sidebar. Anyway, I linked this on Thisnext and today it was on the front page. That was exciting.

[piece 1]
We worked like slaves on the set for theater. We painted the stage. It's kinda striped, but I blame the ballet...long story. I painted the roof on Unit C, you don't know what that is, but being 5'2" that was a feat for me. We painted the floor of Units A and C. We painted tables, the headboard for the bed, the outside of Unit C, started the Fruma Sarah unit (we're doing Fiddler on the Roof). I'm tired...but it felt good to get so much done.

[bit 2]
This could have been part of piece 1 but oh well. The builder guy for our set stuff thinks that our stage manager, a girl younger than me and the guy's like in his sixties, doesn't like him. We can't figure that out. But the director had left it up to us, the set crew to make amends. Apparently, that didn't work too well. Who knew that really drama of theater is backstage?

[piece 2]
My custom order sold. I didn't doubt that it would. I just didn't expect it too so quickly. I felt so grown-up having a reserve listing in my shop. It was there a few hours anyway.

I listed this today. You can click the picture to go to the listing. I found these in on of my many storage things for art/craft supplies. I don't know what possessed me to purchase it. Maybe when I had to make Valentine's day cards for my old homeschool volunteer group. I'd say that was it, except that both tubes are still pretty much full. Ah well, there yours for the taking.

I'll try not to jam so much into an entry next time. But a lot happened today and I wanted to keep everyone posted.



So I completed my first online custom order. I feel so accomplished. I'd had offline orders, for my mom, an aunt and a family friend. But to get one on Etsy was really exciting.



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I don't normally post twice in a day. In fact, I'd been neglecting this blog of late. But to combat the dankness of the previous entry I thought I would post this picture. It made me smile.

It's not my picture. I found it on the Flickr Explore page. I love books. Rainbows are pretty. If I had that many books, in that many colors, with that much shelving space, I may do something like this. But as you can see, that's a lot of variables. My logical brain probably wouldn't let me keep them like that. I could micro-rainbow'ize' them. Organize them by subject and then by color. Mwahaha! Evil genius! or OCD. Take your pick.

I think I'm comin' around. If only I could find the digital camera.


Is drear a word? Today it is. I and the weather are dreary today. I'm overwhelmed again. Etsy bills, cell phone bills, college stuff (I'm not even in a school yet), theater crap (and I only half know what's going on). I'm not doing very well. Though I did finish the custom earrings. I shall have to attempt picturing them and seeing if the buyer likes them. I wish life was easier for me, 'cause I really have it pretty good. There's just some huge undefinable mental block that is driving me insane.

Here's hoping that drear turns to cheer soon.



My stamps
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So I cut out the pieces for the earrings project. I think I did a pretty good job, especially considering I don't have a bench pin and I'm collect the filling in an empty dollar store container with the aid of a paintbrush. Ha!

I stamped them, oxidized them with bleach, and sanded them. Well, I stamped one of the wrong. Now, I'm thinking that they should be 1.5" and not 2". Also the stamps, in the picture, are too big. I'm going to keep the stamps, I have another idea for them that will work, because I already made a sort of mock-up. But I need smaller stamps for the earrings. Plus, I'm not sure I like the sanded look. And bleach oxidizes the sterling brown not black. That's not that big a deal...but it bothers me a little.

I have enough to cut new pieces. But as is the problem with me so often, finding smaller stamps, that don't cost $50 is proving tricky. I got those stamps for about $16. Why are smaller ones so much more expensive. I'm going to keep looking. I think I need 1/16" ones, if you dear reader, happen to be looking. :)

I have a list of things I should be doing, but I'm blogging. I'll conclude this entry and get started on that list.



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I broke my first saw blade last night. I got one cut down and filed and was halfway through the second when the blade snapped. I wanted badly to change it and keep sawing. But I wanted to take a picture and it was too late to take it then. I feel like a bona fide metalsmith now. Okay, not really...but it's like a right of passage, yes? I quickly broke another one.

I finished the prototype of my project, which I didn't photograph yet, because I want to finish a proper one; the prototype has two boo-boos.

Sterling silver is much easier to saw than aluminum flashing. Haha. I think I need a better saw. Mine won't stay taut. It wiggles alot. It was cheap. I didn't want to blow a lot of money if I didn't like metalsmithing...but I'm addicted. It's very rewarding so far.


box. paper. metal

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*in sing-song voice*
My metal came today! My metal came today!

I ran downstairs when my mom told me the box had arrived. I took pictures of the whole unwrapping process but figured that this would be the best one to use as the blog picture. You can see the others on my Flickr.

I got 18 gauge nickel silver- that's the biggest sheet, 20 gauge sterling silver- that's the one that looks like a bookmark, 12 silvertone clasps- they're huge and perfect, and 10 sterling silver earwires- they're almost too expensive looking to use. The sterling silver stuff is for one project. The nickel silver and clasps are for another. I still need some more supplies for the nickel silver project.

Both sheets are thicker than I thought. I can't say that I'm positive about how to proceed from here. I'll need to bend the nickel silver a bit after I cut it. I'm not sure how to do that. Maybe with a mandrel or something.

I'll figure out logistics later. I'm so happy now. I finally bought metal. I hope my ideas turn out as nice as they are in my head. :P


I'm reading Bleak House by Charles Dickens. On page 231 of the copy I have, he has one of his characters say 'tricked out' in the proper context, as proper as it can be for being 150 years ago. So my question: does this make Dickens cool or that phrase untouchable? Or does it mean that really language isn't that inventive?

That picture is one of the illustrations in my copy. It's by Phiz. To me, that's a great name.

I have theater today. I'm not looking forward to sweating to death in that room. I'll survive, though.


That's my first customer appreciation picture. It's for my Convex earrings. Well, they're her earrings now. Heh. I'm so happy. She also wants some custom earrings for me. I'm very happy about that. Still need to work out some details. I should get up some custom work policies. Hmmm...

I went to a graduation party today for two of Bro1's friends from church. It was nice. I didn't talk much, I never do. But it was nice.

I did see fireworks. I felt very American, though I know other countries do fireworks too. I went with my dad. Our vantage point wasn't the greatest but it was nice. It was a good show. I didn't bring the camera...so again, you'll just have to trust me. I wish they did them more often. I only ever see them for Independence Day. Though the boarding school down the street does do something when they have graduations. I'm not sure what because I never actually see anything.

I thought this would be a short entry...but no. I ramble when I write. I guess it's all the things I kinda want to say but never do.



Oh. My. Gosh.

Okay, so it may be pretty lame to be 'reporting' on the happenings in the lives of comic strip characters. But this happens to be a recent strip from one of my favorite strips, For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston. She finally got Elizabeth and Anthony back together! This isn't a big deal if you aren't a devout reader. But they really should have never broken up. Of course, there's the possibility that he'll get killed in a car crash or something. That was morbid.

In real life *clears throat* I've been running and running. I had theater Thursday, Friday and today. I'm painting my brains out. But it's mostly rather mindless painting: cover this piece of wood in this ugly color to be beautified later by this older painter dude. *shrugs* It gets me out of the house, which, until I started this, I didn't realize how I desperately needed it. I have more to say on that front...and on creating life and boring, thoughtful life. But it's late, this is getting drawn out and I'm T-I-R-E-D! I'll be out alot tomorrow too.

One thing, I wish I was better at small talk. But I just can't help but think that my attempts at it make me sound stupid...like I'm trying. It's just not natural. Is there a book...Small Talk for Dummies? I'd google that, but like I said, I'm tired.


SPT- 7.5

SPT- 7.5
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Self-portrait Thursday is a Flickr group started by Mamadelic an Etsyan. I've only posted a few times, for a variety of reasons. The top one being that I forget.

I remembered today but didn't think I looked good enough and I didn't want to take the same old boring picture. Then my mom told me my shirt was on backwards. Immediately I saw the basic composition in my mind.

Unfortunately it didn't come out that clear. But that's me. I'd even gone to the bank with it on backwards. I didn't have the tag in mouth though.

I'm waiting for my metal. Nearly busting out of my skin with excitement. I want the metal so bad. The proper set-up will have to wait a while.

It's humid today, and not very sunny. I have theater later. But I feel like a slug. And that room is not air-conditioned. Ah well. Maybe it'll cool off by then.


As promised

When I was little
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Today was nice. Not as gorgeous as yesterday but a very suitable runner-up day. Here's a picture, like I promised. This is the hoop in my backyard. It's one of the reasons that we moved into our house. I remember being little and the hoop looked about this far away.

I ordered metal today, yay! I'm guardedly excited. I've never ordered from this company before so I'm hoping that I did everything correctly. Still...supplies! I'm so glad I didn't wait until something else came up.

I think I need to throw away my felt. It's got cat hair embedded in it. So frustrating. I wasn't using it for anything so I guess my cat thought it was for her. Ah well.



Oh, today was GORGEOUS! Did I take one picture? No. Yeah, some photographer I am. Heh, you'll just have to take my word for it.

I met up with a friend who's home from college. We just walked around the mall, then sat in the food court, then walked around so more. And I got a Coollatta after we left. French Vanilla.

Once home I mailed my two recent Etsy orders. That reminds me I'm going to raise the shipping prices on my earrings. I walked up to the post office, then the library. At the library I wasn't able to use the self-checkout because the computer couldn't find the book, Charles Dickens' Bleak House if you're interested. I really wanted Oliver Twist but I think it was checked out.

There was a bit of an adventure there. But I'll summarize: $.20 isn't that much. They added the book to the computer. The lettuce was moldy.

I got home and went to theater. We did alot today. So with all the walking and all that work, I'm tired.

I really apologize for having no photo proof of the prettiness of today. If it's nice tomorrow I'll take a pic or two to make up for it.


Geekin' out

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These sold! *dances*

I'm very excited. Of course, my form of excitement is very internalized. I also sold this hematite fan/swag that I loved to ogle but was pretty sure I'd never use.

So I just made like $70 in 2 days. I could so get used to this. Haha! New supplies to make new things. I'm so excited. Happy happy happy. And I may have a custom order coming soon. I hope this is a change that lasts.

I still want to open that second shop. Photography and paper goods. I need a name. I'd like to have an 'r' in it...for my name. But I don't want to use rJax. If you think of something feel free to leave a comment.

This also means I need a new goal for the year. Getting to 20 was my realistic goal. The swag sale put me there. Maybe 40.