day one

Yesterday I wrote that I like even-numbered years (or just about anything that's even-numbered). I think I also like when the year begins on a Sunday, the beginning of a week. It feels so fresh.

I spent it doing some of the things that I hope to continue working on and working out during the year.

Started the day at church.

Went for a walk afterwards. It was 50 degrees, gorgeous by Connecticut standards.
Thank you, random dude at the track who complimented me for completing jogging a lap. Rather made my day.

Some of the books I'm reading, have read or about to read over semester break.

Hobby'd it up a bit. I made nachos for dinner. They were delicious. Where has this idea been all my life? Why didn't I take a pic of that? I remade a pair of earrings that Mom received after a friend of hers passed. Then we watched the rerun of Downton Abbey Season 2 air in the US next week! Must avoid all spoilers.

Still trying to sort out a plan for the year, a goal or two. I imagined a lot, about the opportunities that the year may hold. But this day, this first day, was full of quiet busyness and contented sighs. It was lovely.


I like even-numbered years. Today was rather lovely.
More on this first day of the year in a bit.