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My project- back wall
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My huge project is redecorating my bedroom. Looking at some old pictures I realized this has been going on for almost exactly 2 years. That made me a little sad, but then I was glad relieved because I thought it was 3 years.

Crazy me thought I could finish everything in a month. Well if I had only to take of the wallpaper, removed in the pic above but can be seen here, and paint the walls I may have done it. But no, crazy me decided to do it all.

I've gotten alot done, taken off the wallpaper, chip off yellow paint (which I thought would be a waste but I'm glad I did it), steamed off the hideous blue wallpaper, stripped all the wood...mostly, and the door. *sigh* My room still looks like a disaster area. I don't have as much storage as I need. I don't have much money left to fund this project. I just want it to be done. I can see it in my head...I just hope I can get there before...well, I don't know.

I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow. That'll be a nice break. Though I just did have a break. Suddenly, I'm goin' place...like I have money. I may be going to visit my cousin in NY state at the end of the month.

Oh for shop news, I did finish a new pair of magnets. I may list them tomorrow. I'll more likely take a picture tomorrow. I also turned the wristlet straps right-side out and I cut out one lining. I also got the chain for the cuffs but it's not big enough. I'll probably destash that. It's not worth returning because I'd lose my refund paying for return shipping. So if anyone knows where to find large curb chain, like wallet chain, let me know. :)