I can explain

ICING!!- I can explain
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Knead tube before using. I totally didn't see that line on the icing tube. It may have saved us from the following story, but it wouldn't have been as funny.

My mom, and dad after he found out, decided to throw an impromptu graduation party for Bro1. They ordered pizza and a cake and got soda and balloons. The grocery store where we got the cake would add a message on the cake for free. My mom wanted 'Congratulations, Bro1's realname'. The lady in the bakery spelled congratulations wrong. She wiped in out and spelled it correctly but it looked bad. Mom and I decided to remedy this ourselves at home.

We bought a tube of icing. Once home we scraped off ugliness and smoothed out the remaining frosting, it's a good thing they use so much. I had done a little bit of cake decorating at the art group I was in a few summers ago. Plus, I know how to spell.

Missing the 'knead tube before using', I jammed a fork in the end. You really were suppose to cut the end off and attach a Betty Crocker decorator tip. We didn't have any of those. The fork hole would be big enough, I thought. It wasn't.

So I cut the tip off. That proved to big. The stuff was thicker that toothpaste.

We squeezed it into a pastry bag we did have a tip for. That was messy but we did it. Still the icing was really thick and hard to squeeze. I got to the first 'a' in congratulations when we decided to microwave it.

I put it in for 20 seconds. Yeah, I don't microwave a lot. I've never
microwaved icing. Twenty seconds was too long. The stuff got super-heated, at least it felt that way, and it ran all over the place. We stuck it in the freezer.

That proved too much for the bag. It got to small holes in it. We only left it in the freezer for a minute, but the icing in the tip got really thick again while the icing in the bag stayed pretty hot. We squeezed in some more from the tube. I scooped on the globs from the tip and tried to work with it, though now it was oozing all over my hands.

Then the bag tore...totally tore. As a last ditch effort we put the torn bag in a plastic bag. We poked a small hole in the plastic bag. No dice. We poked a big hole. One squeeze and that bag tore.

I didn't make this up. Could you make something like up? All through I was laughing. It was just too much.

In the end the cake had no special message. We hope Bro1 isn't damaged for life. We tried. We really did.

CAKE!!- I can explain