Breathe 9.27

They want to put me in an article!

Last night I got an email from a free-lance writer who's putting together an article for the largest newspaper in my state. I proceeded to giggle like mad. Had to take a pic to capture the moment. So the above is my PC (as in computer) attempt at Photobooth.

Also, a lady at the farmer's market on Thursday was commenting on my photography and asked if I'd ever done portraits. I said, 'no'. Thinking about it, I did take the pic for the invites my mom had to make, but that wasn't really a portrait. Anyway, she said I should try. She wants me to take some pictures of her daughters and two dogs. I'm super-pensive because my camera is on the down...slope/grade...it's dying slowly and because I've never done portraits.

So, I'm floored all around. It's amazing how things have turned around for me, in terms of my work, this year. I've been waiting for this, hoping, refusing to give up. Eek!

Post Picture: Me, freaking out. :D