My client wants earrings for the younger girls and necklaces for the teenagers. Still not sure how many of each. So it's something.

I AM better today. Not so down. I listed some earrings, Helix in Black. I really like those. I'm tinkering with other color combos. They're small, Helixes, about the size of a quarter, but they can pack some much with the colors. I like them.

I cleaned some. My studio is also my bedroom. So it's super-tricky trying to keep all my craft stuff, except the sewing machine which Mom and I share, in my room with all my other things, clothes and stuff. I think it can be done. Right now the 'mess' is pretty organized. One day, maybe I'll have a whole room.

Post Picture: One of the sets I'd made. She didn't want sterling silver or anything like that. Still, her idea and mine just didn't work. I'll be giving her pieces like this.