It is April...yes?

That picture was taken today. Grr! I want it to be spring...warmer than 30 degrees. Silly Connecticut weather.

So my ad went live on Anything Indie. Look on the right-hand side. It's the LP by rJax one. I'm rather pleased with myself. Though I hope I get a sale to recoup the cost of setting it up.

I think I may have bite the bullet and use my computer money to buy some sterling silver and a jeweler's saw and the other things to make these earrings that I've had an idea for for months. I almost can't stand it.

I did get a sale today. It was a PIF ($.20) and I haven't gotten paid for it, so I'm not really counting it yet. I'm hoping this month will be different and I'll get more than that sale. If not, I may have to quit. Get a real job and go to school and figure out something else. Get famous some other way, then they'll be sorry.

I have sent emails to other blogs. Haven't heard anything back from them yet in the way of 'yea' or 'nay'.

Tomorrow, which comes in 55 minutes, I'd like to finish the brown Curvatures and the royal blue Tangent Reduxes. I'm not sure what color bead to use with the royal blue, though. Red seems like a cop-out. But none of the other colors match.

Oh well, goodnight for now.