Currently 9.30

I have no idea what to say here anymore. I haven't known for a while hence the lack of posts. I want to write though. I'd like to build something I can be proud of. No, that's not it. I miss this. I'm torn between laying it to rest and walking away or...starting again. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm currently pushing my way through a load of Minifolk projects...in hopes of tackling an even larger project. I'm a few days away from my second trip of the year and second trip to Arizona. I've missed the desert so much. I'm rewatching Frasier on Netflix for the...(mumbles)-th time. I've finished the 5th season of Longmire and...I think I'm over that show. Maybe that's something I can write about in another post.

I'm going to figure this out...this blogging/writing thing. It'll take some time and experimenting and...it'll be a journey. I'm not good at journeys.