I'd been a bit of a slump. They are a fact of creative life and seem to strike me around the same time every year- April-June, though it seemed to skip last year. (must look into that) Going through them is rather...well, hellish. Half-baked ideas, limited resources or know-how or motivation. Motivation is key. You *can* do anything...if your heart is in it. And mine wasn't in creating.

Coming out of a slump is like being born...or something. (I don't actually remember being born) It's like I'm starting all over. So it's fitting that I'm starting the shop over as well.

The trigger this time was the lovely Chelsea of Papercakes. We talk on Twitter and Flickr and I realized she had a love for the color combo of aqua and turquoise. Honestly, I'd never thought of putting the two together, but did see that they were very complimentary. So I took out my beads and thread and made up a few pairs of earrings. They will be listed soon.

And I'm back.

Post Picture: The earrings I made, inspired by Chelsea.