They cancelled Journeyman. I LOVED that show. It was real, for as real as a show about a time-traveling couple can be. :P It will be missed by me and my two brothers. *sigh* Darn strike!

There is another reason I'm gasping for another reason, too. Sometimes, even though I consider myself a fairly decent writer, doing it so incredibly difficult. I know what I want to say. But the connection between my brain and my fingers (i'm typing) is a little broken.

Addendum: I uh...from my Twitter-

shoot me. not to kill, just to make me sorry for what I just did. LET GO ALREADY!

Seriously! I don't want to do with myself. I'm so...randomly conflicted. So full of self-doubt. If I think I could come up with a list of more disparaging things to say. But I won't. *sigh*