Weekend Blurble- Restart

I'm getting lax with my no-computer-on-Sundays self-imposed rule. Really, it's for my sanity and that of my family. We have to share...I like to monopolize.

I'm getting back to goals, and trying to achieve more than I have. I get frustrated with goals too quickly most times and leave off with them rather than pushing forward. Why bother, I think. Not a good attitude. But it's the down and dirty truth. These are just goals for the shop, but goals for me as a person as well. If I feel badly about myself it will reflect in my shop and that will be no good. I'm tentatively excited. It'll be interesting to see where it leads.

I may get a custom order from Twitter. How awesome would that be? Ha!

Post Picture: Newest earrings at elpy. Helix in Black.