Catching up

Yesterday, as a super-sweet reward for helping a family friend, I spent all day at Six Flags. The picture above is of a ride called Flashback. I rode it. It was scary at first, when you could see the drop. But it was fun. I rode 6 roller coasters yesterday, one I went on twice. I did NOT ride the Superman. I keep thinking I can work up enough courage. But dropping 200 feet with only a lap bar as a restraint...I would pass out. I enjoyed myself way more than I should have been allowed. I didn't work THAT hard with the friend.

I finished some wristlet straps. Hopefully some time this week I'll be able to get at least one in my shop. My mom is buying magnets to give as gifts. One set is for her. She's my best customer.

I haven't solidified my visit to my cousin this weekend. It would be nice, but have lots of logistics to work out. Shall see.

I'm tired now, but I have to keep an eye on an eBay item for my dad.