Temp job is over. They didn't call me back for later this week, which is good because I promised myself to the farmer's markets this week. After this week I will semi-regretfully, have to stop going to both. Too much is going on, craft shows, etc.

I'm trying to get back to my list. I did pretty poorly getting things made and set aside for the show, just 9 sets of magnets. I have such lofty goals, but no plan of action. I'm gonna keep trying, not beat myself up too much, I'm still new to this to a degree.

I have decided to close my rJax shop and reopen it as elpypaper. I think the consistency will be helpful. I'm trying to narrow down my list of online names, especially as pertains to sites where I mention my business. It can get confusing when I'm trying to be clever.

That's it for now. Heroes premieres tonight. Yay!

Post Picture: Flower in my backyard.