I was all, "I'm gonna blog today." But I have no idea what about. Ha!

I'm up early. Especially recently, especially for a Saturday. I was supposed to be going out to breakfast with my dad. He's running late.

I listed some chain. I was supposed to be destashing, listing all these supplies in January. That month zipped by, wrought with concerns for Bro2's birthday, Christmas hangover, and stress from, well, a situation I'd thought myself into and life in general. I couldn't focus enough to list and the weather permitted me take only the most craptastic pictures. Eh. It all ended by the end of the month. I'm accepting my new normal, settling into it.

Oh, if anyone has ideas on what I could do with old knit tops, hit me up with a comment. I'm brainstorming, only since yesterday. They're in good shape, I would just like to make them into something else. I could give them to Salvation Army or something, but then I run the risk of seeing them again. I've had them for years, I want them to go away. Maybe an out-of-state thrift-y store. Haha!

Post Picture:
Me. With crumbs on my shirt. It's a good thing they didn't get where they wanted to go. Itchiness of an unpleasant variety would have ensued. Flickr link.