Prepping for the show= being generally exhausted. I'm still getting into the swing of all this, the whole idea of fairs/markets/shows. I think I have outgrown my 6' table, but don't have the money for a second at the moment. By this time next year, I'll prolly be rocking a three-table display at shows that will allow it. Heh.

Today I accomplished a whole lot but finished nothing. There are lots of steps, little things to be done...and almost everything that gets checked off actually spawns a million more things. *sigh* It never ends in a way that's both invigorating and frustrating. Mostly invigorating.

I'll do a dry run in the next day or two, experimenting with my mostly new set-up. That'll be exciting. Hoping for good weather on the 11th (show day), sunny and dry at least.