You callin' me out? :P

So I haven't been able to be on the computer as much as I would like or used to do. No, still no job. Just have to share.

I checked through forums though and saw a thread by GryWinther called 'You know you've spent too much time on Etsy when......' and this is how it started.

- you start to look for milk and bread in there.

- you go to the grocey store looking for milk and bread
and find yourself wondering how much the shipping
will be.

- you cross your fingers you remeber your Paypal

- you go home with your milk and bread and wonder why
it`s not wrapped in bubble plastic and comes in an
nice envelope with your name and address on, and
why on earth it didn`t arrive in your mail box.

- you remind yourself to give the store feedback later.

- finally you can`t wait to show off your milk and
bread to your friends and colleagues.

I have done many of these, especially wanting to leave a store either offline entirely or a private off-Etsy site, feedback It's amazing how ingrained certain things can become.