Cold, Wet, White

day25- iSaw
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Yes, it snowed today. I thought it would. I hoped against it. Ah well. It wasn't much, just enough to shovel. (I didn't shovel my brothers did.) It's clouded over and soft and white and cold. (I should used commas, all the 'ands' are for effect.) Winter is just about here. (Not technically, I know.) All right. Enough with the parenthetical phrases.

What does it mean when you think about someone all the time? Good thoughts, wishful thoughts, and all the time. Wondering, hoping, thinking, thinking. I'm feeling obsessive. But I can't seem to help it. I try to reason with myself. It amazingly, hasn't hurt my productivity. For the first time since I opened elpy, I have more things on hand that listed. It's almost seemed to help. I would say more, but this IS the interwebs. Haha.

Post Picture:
A sort of self-portrait that I am a little proud of. Got the timer on the camera to work. I'm cutting wood for a new project. Like I need a new project. Haha. Maybe you can guess what it is.

Day 25 for Crafting 365.