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chakrapennywhistle:: Moneybag Wallet - US MINT DIMES

Charming! An old money bag made into a wallet. Eco-chic and sturdy. It just makes sense. :D

From Chakra Penny Whistle

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wb- lead on

I'd gotten a custom request about a week ago to make a fanny pack/bum bag based on my wristlet design. Thrilled, I brought out my fabrics and got to work. That was my project for the weekend and...I finished it! It's very much like the Westies, but about an inch wider with darts to make it a bit more pouch-y. I hope she likes it. I'd take a picture of me wearing it...but she's a tiny person. I gave it about 6 inches of play in the strap and it still doesn't really fit me. hehe.

I'm also going to be contributing some small things to Little Black Boxes next month and hopefully the Sampler in October. Really had slacked this year in regards to elpy, taking more time to do some 'self development'. I'm trying to gear up for the holidays...I have hope.

Also, check out this stop-motion video my littlest brother made. (I say littlest, but he's a teenager and taller than me.) Dear bro2, aspiring movie-maker methinks.

Hope you had a great weekend!