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I usually don't make bracelets but was inspired by my Craft: contest necklace (see entry below) so I made this one. It was a new stitch for me and I had to undo the entire thing before I was totally satisfied with it. I may make more like this...however it seems to be a fault of mine to do sommething new then never do it again. We shall see. Posted by Picasa


Well, I didn't win. I'm trying not to let it get me down.

I probably shouldn't even write this post. A radio host here, that I adore, says you should act on emotion...especially like anger. While I can't say I'm angry I am a little sad. Though less sad then I was when I first read who did win. Turns out I was only right about on of the entries. The others I don't even remember seeing honestly. I've been told I don't look closely.

One day I'll find people who like what I make, until then I'll just keep trying. (sigh)


Etsy's running a contest This necklace is my entry. It's macrame'd of course. I'm trying to stick to mainly that form of jewelry making. It's more unique for me and I've always like untangling things...though in macrame I'm tangling in a nice way.

Anyway I woodburned the pendant. It was my first-ish time woodburning. The numbers are binary code. (I'm the spawn of old-school computer programmers.) The "Craft:" part is the logo that we had to use as per contest rules. I really like it. Other pics and pricing are available here.


This is the design I ended up with. It's almost the same as the one the previous post. I had to change the font for the URL and email as well as the 'Accessories, Ornaments, Goodness' line. The original font matched the banner at my shop but when I printed it you couldn't read it.

I'm sending out 70 today to various other Etsyers who have offered to pass out cards in promos packs at shows they're doing. I hope some good comes of it. It was fun redoing the cards either way.


I tinkered with a redo for my business card. Please leave a comment with your thoughts. I'm open to suggestions. I was gonna post this on my Flickr but I didn't think they'd like that because it has a link to my shop on it. Anyway, thanks for looking.


Okay so something good did happen today. While my shop didn't get any sales, I did get 3 new hearters (I just typed that URL...which you can't see, from memory...sad!) That is a record for me.
So that's kind of exciting. I need to stop being jealous of other people success and work on getting some of my own and enjoying the success I do get...even if it's not what I'd prefer.
So today is my 6 month anniversary on Etsy. My first listing expired today. Though actually it's probably only one of my firsts because I did renew a few. I feel old. And a little depressed. I've had 5 sales all of them under $8. I've bought 4 things, yet somehow have 10 positive feedback. I have 53 hearters...people who like my shop. So I guess it's not all bad...just not what I'd have wanted at 6 months.

I also need to start really looking for an off-Etsy job because I'm getting broker.

Hopefully something good will happen today.