Blurble 9.23

So much for attacking my laundry list of things to accomplish head-on. I'm rereading Pride and Prejudice *swoon* and spending time online, catching up. heh

I did finish a pair of custom earrings. They were requested by a lady at one of the farmer's markets. She likes brown and gold and wanted them to be clip-ons. (those were NOT easy to find) I hope she likes these. I like the brown with the gold beads. Reminds me of a candy bar for some reason.

Tried making a banner for my tent/booth. Iron transfers can be iffy and today they didn't work. I have to learn how to not let temporary setbacks in project design make me want to abandon it. I've gotten better over the years with elpy work. It's something to be improved.

TV aside:
Heroes came back last night. Loved it.

Post Picture: The custom earrings. Kinda like that set-up. Natural lighting photos rock!