winding up . winding down

Just as I became quite sure than my brain couldn't handle another precalculus formula or exploration into the deeper meaning of Shakespeare, the semester is mercifully coming to an end. While I haven't had time for blogging, I have been taking my camera out more. Without realizing that I was living my mission stated so briefly in a past post.

The two main adventures now documented are going collard green picking with bro2 and the dadperson and making Thanksgiving. I'm trying to decide how I should present them besides just uploading them to flickr. Some sort of montage maybe. A video-y thing? I don't know.

I am coming to accept that I love capturing moments, even if no one captures mine. I'm accepting me. It's a beautiful thing.

Post Picture:Me...sometime during Thanksgiving day preparation. Stole a moment to smile for the camera.