Bits and Pieces and Ice Cream

[bit 1]
That's another of the random pics I took recently. I was thinking about it and I realized I've thought about pursuing photography for about 7 years. I just had crappy cameras to work with so I got annoyed and never did pursue it. Again, how good I am I'm not sure. But I enjoy it.

[piece 1]
I saw a huge circle punch at Michael's today. I really wanted it. Not because I have anything to punch. But it was really cool. And I do want to start a second Etsy shop for photography and paper goods. Then I found a 50% off coupon on the floor. I left the punch there. It was $17. I couldn't swing that even with the coupon. I didn't buy any more beads either. I need to start carrying beads that I have with me. I just keeping buying stuff that doesn't really match what I have.

[bit 2]
More thoughts on college. My mom's talking about how hard the school that's my top choice will probably be to get into. I don't know why she would say that. It's taken me 3 years to make up my mind. I'd have thought she'd let go of the realism for a little while. I have enough for both of us. My dad hasn't said much about it.

[ice cream]
We found so off-beat ice cream shack on Sunday. They give you a lot of ice cream but it's inexpensive and it tastes good. On Sunday I got a brownie sundae. Today I got a vanilla soft serve waffle cone. It was so yummy. I didn't need it. But it was sooo hot and the ice cream was sooo cold.