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I'm an indie-preneur, a micro-business owner constantly looking for ways to promote my work. I started this column, Seller Tips, to help me keep track of my findings and to pass them on to you.

[what's it called] 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion
[where'd I find it] Twitter
['splain it please] Break through blogger's block and write about your passion more effectively

Yep, my lovelies, this is another spectacular Twitter find. At the end of last year I was searching for this I could do to...be better. Blogging had been become a stumbling block. I wanted to do it better. A few days into my search I saw this e-book. So, know that this is something I'm working through myself both on this blog and the one for the Minifolk.

With a cohesive set of weekly 'assignments' Tara Gentile, the author of Scoutie Girl shows you how to write about what you care about with the same passion that you feel for your work. Tara herself has a passion for blogging and for helping and advocating the indie craft movement. She's written for the Etsy Storque, Modish Biz Tips and Try Handmade in addition to maintaining her own blog, Scoutie Girl.

52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion is available for just $15. You will also be able to join a support forum to check out the blogs of other readers and gain further tips to blog better. If you're a little apprehensive and wonder just what is in store with this book, you can preview the first month for free! It hooked me.


thisnext:: hollydoll

Get your feetsies warm and toasty!

HollyDoll:: Womens cozy slipper boots

In my opinion, handmade beats trendy. When handmade IS trendy...it's a double win! These boots look most warm and cozy.


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breathe 1.22

Minifolk opened.
Vowed to take a pic every day.
Semester started.

The title is a note to self. The list is proof to self that I am doing things even though it may not be everything that I think I should/could/want to do.

One of my new goals is to be content in what I'm doing but not complacent in doing nothing. A second part of that is to stop worrying. I worry a lot. My family's in a prolonged tough spot financially...like 10% of Americans. So I worry about that mostly. But really anything that can add stress to my brain does. My mind goes 8,000 miles an hour from the time I wake up until I final tire myself out and fall asleep. It's no way to live...not healthy at least. (combed out a gray hair the other day. freaked. out!)

I tried it for a second...putting the break on the worry whirlpool. I took a step back and focused on...nothing. A weight lifted, for as cliche as that sounds. Worry is so heavy. I had no idea what to do with the now vacant brainspace. Still haven't figured it out beyond using that energy to do actual work. But I will be striving to keep more of my thinking open to appreciate where I am, what I'm doing, reflect on the positive along with the negative. To take a moment to mentally exhale and dump all the stuff I carry around with me. To breathe.

Post Picture: My rings, nestled in the corner of the kitchen windowsill. I'm hoping the sentiment to worry less is one that will ring true...for all of us.


thisnext:: whoknewdesign

whoknewdesign:: Pocket Book

When I was little I was so confused about the name 'pocketbook' as my mother called her purse. It was too big to fit in her pocket. It wasn't a book. I didn't ask...just figured it was something I would understand when I was older.

This little ditty *is* a book of pockets. Several little compartments sewn together form this gem. I want one...or five. haha!

From whoknewdesign

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wb- verbing paper

day 26- cards.bits

Hi-de-ho, readers! Back from a weekend of cutting, slicing, gluing and sculpting paper to my heart's delight. In addition to crafting a few more Minifolk (and hopefully obtaining the remaining books for this semester) I will be working a little 'me' project. Did you see this Christmas card ornament tutorial on Scoutie Girl by lillyella? I'm gonna make one. And if it comes out nicely, I make may several and give them to family next year.


spt and news

spt 1.07 and day 23- argh.some

If you're a frequent reader here (or follower of mine on Twitter) you will know that I've started a new shop. Again? you ask. Yes, of course, and it's awesome.

Creating these small paper people has become rather all-consuming, much like when I was working on construction of my secret project/Etsy video. I set up a blog for them called Minifolk Lore. I'm looking for ways to promote them...and to promote papercrafting, especially that of the 3-d sort.

In the post picture you can see a blurry version of the latest Minifolk project. He's a pirate. He's totally argh-some! I love him. He's more detailed than the standard folk. Just needs a little more tweaking, then he'll be added to the shop in the next update that will hopefully happen before school starts again. (Jan 21st, baby)



purpose defined

As you know, posts have been sporadic at best here on the ole blog. And I'd do the customary apology...then forget to post for another week. I didn't know where I was going with it, or with my shop...but that's another story. It had gone through name changes and URL changes and template changes. I'd added themed posts...and taken them away. I'd added feature posts...which had proven to be the one reason I kept posting. I found cool things and had to share.

Around Christmas, I found ScoutieGirl's ebook on blogging, I took some time to think about the purpose of this blog. Should I restrict it shop news? Should I stop with the By Its Cover posts? Should I keep doing Seller Tips? Should I not mention sports at all...or TV, or Twitter, or silly random thoughts?

I follow my share of blogs. And I love them all for different reasons, reactions they elicit from me. But the main reason was because through the posts I got to know the people behind them. Sometimes in a more personal way, sometimes professional. But their blogs were and are a reflection of them. And so, too, should mine be. elpy IS a part of my life, but so is reading, and the Yankees, and Masterpiece Theater.

So what is the purpose of Not Rachel? Simply this:

A way for you to learn about things that are beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking, silly or in some other way interesting, to learn about me- Rebecca...not Rachel. (honestly, I get called 'Rachel' a lot.) Do share with me!

Post Picture: A twirling stack of coasters in the sun. One of mine. Because the blog is in motion again.


Seller Tips- Get Inspired

I'm an indie-preneur, a micro-business owner constantly looking for ways to promote my work. I started this column, Seller Tips, to help me keep track of my findings and to pass them on to you.

[what's it called] 10 Ways to Rev-Up Your Creativity
[where'd you find it] In my inbox via the ArtBistro newsletter
['splain it please] Tips to help revitalize your creativity.

I found this in my inbox a little while ago, loved it and knew I had to share it. While ArtBistro as a site is directed to artists of the paint and ink variety, much of their advice can be translated into the craft world. The line between the two is hazy at best.
After the hectic holiday season and subsequent and well-deserved break, getting the creative juices flowing may be a little difficult. Mike Lenhart, a visual arts expert, compiled a short list of ways to get the ideas going again.

Even if you're not un-inspired at the moment, keeping the list bookmarked or on-hand somewhere may help you work through a new design. I know I hit snags sometimes and it would help to grab a pencil (the first tip on the list.) They're simple things. Some, such as take a trip to a museum, gets you out the house, which is I think is great because being an artist can be solitary work.

Have a fun with it and whatever new or revamped project awaits you!