I don't get it

What was wrong with the old light bulbs? Besides the fact that they didn't last as long as fluorescent ones, why did we make the switch? (By 'we' I mean my family?) I guess, they're supposed to be energy-saving or something. They make my pictures look bad, though. I'm not going to post one because I'm too mad.

I was going to list some earrings, but the pictures came out terrible and I was too peeved to retake them. Actually, I think all the photos in my shop need to be retaken. This makes me very sad. It's so time-consuming and my camera is so temperamental that I just procrastinate and everything falls into a sort of disarray. *sigh* And I have to share a computer with 4 other people so editing them won't be fun.

Okay, I'm done venting now. Thanks!