The necklace for my aunt
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I watched Dejavu twice with the family over the weekend. Or maybe it was only once, but it felt like two times. :) *kidding* I loved it.

I finally found the long clear bugle beads to make another one of these necklaces for my shop. I made the first for my aunt. She appreciated it. I'm not sure where to get the extender chain, though. For hers, I just stole it from a necklace that I didn't wear anymore. I suppose I could to that again. Hmmm.

I made another magnet. It's for my mom again, she wants a bunch for her Bible study friends. Oh, and I may get a HUGE jewelry commission from one of mom's friends. The friend's niece is having a Sweet 15 next year, but they start planning a year in advance. It would be really cool if I did.

So I'm feeling encouraged. I'm in this treasury list three times. *cheers*