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spt 1.07 and day 23- argh.some

If you're a frequent reader here (or follower of mine on Twitter) you will know that I've started a new shop. Again? you ask. Yes, of course, and it's awesome.

Creating these small paper people has become rather all-consuming, much like when I was working on construction of my secret project/Etsy video. I set up a blog for them called Minifolk Lore. I'm looking for ways to promote them...and to promote papercrafting, especially that of the 3-d sort.

In the post picture you can see a blurry version of the latest Minifolk project. He's a pirate. He's totally argh-some! I love him. He's more detailed than the standard folk. Just needs a little more tweaking, then he'll be added to the shop in the next update that will hopefully happen before school starts again. (Jan 21st, baby)