spt and scarf

I finished my second ever knitting project and my first lace project. I think it turned out pretty darn well. (after I frogged it) I'm loving bamboo yarn. It's so soft and has a luxe sheen to it. It had a lot of...plys? Is that what you say? They were a lot of threads that made up the single yarn...cord?

As mentioned before the pattern is from knitty. I'd like to make it again, with a thicker yarn in a darker color and change the pattern a bit.

The self portrait you can see on my flickr.

Post Picture: Closer-up of the pattern of my scarf. Bro2 promptly said, "This is for show, right?" since we live in CT and a scarf with holes doesn't make sense to him. heh...men.


  1. Well from this angel you did an outstanding job!

    And, I actually was thinking to myself earlier today about scarves with holes and cold places lol

  2. It's so pretty! I've abandoned knitting so I'll just admire your work, haha.

    And while I really wish I could wear things like that up here, it's just a little impractical. Except for the spring, it'd be perfect for spring!

  3. Second EVER?!? Damn girl I'm impressed. That would have not turned out like that if I did it and it would have taken ten years to make. I am the slowest knitter in the world.