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For some reason Blogger just ate my post. I'll to try to remember all the things I said before.

There is a lot of backstory involved with that commercial. It's a McDonald's commercial, that I just saw last night during the NBA finals. It has to be among the worst ever. But I laughed because it was so horrible and because it reminded me of this:

Brother2 and I were Christmas shopping last year in Target. In the aisle over from us, a woman was on her cell phone. She was looking at the books and would say every few moments, "Call girls...no." Sometimes she would change it up a bit and say, "Call girls, mo-bile...no."

I was getting a little freaked out, unnerved is probably a better word. This went on for several minutes. The two of us wondered what in the world she was talking about, who she was talking to, why weren't they getting it. Yet, if she was frustrated she didn't let on. It was like this was common. She must not have known how crazy she sounded to us.

Then it occurred to me, thanks to techno-savvy Brother2, that the woman was probably trying to call her daughters on their cell phone. She had in her Bluetooth, though she wasn't really pushing her cart anymore. I suppose she wanted to dial hands-free. But I'm not lying when I say she must have fussed with her phone for about 10 minutes. She was already asking when we came into hearing range. For all that she could have just dialed the number and been done with it.

I'm not sure if the humor of that situation comes across in prose. But it was hilarious to us, then. We still will randomly say to each, in the monotone of that lady, "Call girls...no." Then we'll crack up.

So this commercial was helped a little by that, the correlation made it funny. Seriously, I don't know how it made it to television, though. But then I'm not sure if maybe that sandwich is worse.

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  1. Yikes, that commercial was awful! And I don't like Bluetooth, it makes people look and sound crazy.