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I got through the stuff in the previous post. It still has me reeling. It may always because it's just so unbelievable. It's good, though. I'm just not used to any of this.

I sorta finished Christmas shopping today. I didn't really find the gift I wanted for Bro2 so I had to substitute with a bunch of smaller things. His birthday is next month so I'll see if I can find it then. Still hopin' Bro1's present gets here in time.

I don't think I'm gonna list anything between now and maybe Dec. 26th. I don't think it's worth it and I'm getting too busy with Christmas stuff to do it. It doesn't really take that much to relist. But I'm gonna hold off. I may hold off until '08. Yeah, that sounds really nice. *ponders*

Post Picture: Me in the reflection of a Christmas bulb decoration thing. It's my job to decorate this time of year. Actually I'm almost always the one to decorate. Heck, I decorated for my own graduation party. Ha!

Anyway, I was getting tired and started making faces at myself in the reflection. Bro2 thought this was hilarious. I grabbed the camera and snapped a few. This one looks the best.

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  1. hey there :)

    I'm caught up in a game of tag here and I'm tagging you for a game of "7 things meme"

    see my blog http://angelicquirk.blogspot.com if you want to play :)

    Blessed Christmas!!