I am happy. Woke up to a sale. Who'd a-thunk it? That's a great Christmas present. Yay!

It doesn't look like Bro1's gift is going to get here in time. Freaky people. I have no idea what to do. Well, I have an idea. Maybe I have time. IT CAME! Thank God, seriously. I'm not sure if an angel dropped it off or what. I sure didn't hear the USPS truck. Haha!

Uh, guess that's it. It's almost Christmas. I have gifts to wrap (we do all our giving on the 25th), cookies to bake...maybe, candy canes to munch. Haha.

Is 'good turmoil' an oxymoron? Just curious.

I shall end this short, light-hearted post now and attempt to finish the myriad of tasks ahead. Good luck to me!

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