Merry Christmas! :D

Today was a good day. A very good day. It's not over yet, I know. I wasn't even sure I was going to blog today. But I had some time between making mac and cheese and baking rolls so I thought I'd post a little something.

I'm feeling an overwhelming urge to write about everything. It's good. I'd been suffering, really writer's block is NO fun, for a while. I still have some projects that are unfinished. But I want/need to write about me, my thoughts, try to work through things on paper that don't make sense in my mind.

I do love Christmas, the actual day. All the build-up is a little stressful. But the actual day is very nice.

I've been tagged to post 7 random facts about myself. I'll do that tomorrow, I didn't feel it fit for today. I'm going to go find a pen and some paper and write. Maybe I'll share what I come up with. :P

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