Now 11.28

I found that book at a recent research trip to Barnes and Nobles. I got the titles I was looking for, making a Christmas list, but I can never just look at what I came for in a bookstore.

I don't knit. I barely crochet, but I now I desperately want to do both. I only want to make scarves. I didn't even like scarves until last year. This is very odd. But the scarves in that book are beautiful. I want to make them. Not that I NEED to diversify elpy any more. Sheesh.

Speaking of the shop, I listed these today:
The picture is clickable. More magnets, yep. These had been done for a while, but I held off listing them because...I don't really know. I just stalled for a while.

I'm also starting to like perusing stores in a sort of shopping. More like searching for clothes, for cheap. I never liked this before. At all. It was insane trying to get me to shop, plus, my clothes last forever since I haven't gotten any taller, only a little wider. :P More evidence of the change in me, I suppose. Interesting, I must say.

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