Back in the Day

For about a month or so I've been feeling pretty nostalgic about life and Etsy. Yesterday I found a thread started by scarfguy, who incidentally was one of the first shops I hearted, called Etsy oldtimers. It was really nice to read through, see names I remembered but hadn't seen in a while. I haven't been spending much time on forums lately so I'm glad I found that thread when I did.

Etsy's grown a lot, which is good. And a lot of the changes that have come were good too. But things had started to feel really spread out and each seller seemed like a smaller piece in the grand scheme of things. A nice break, a recollection, something to appeal to my nostalgic sentimental side. I know we all have to move on. It's nice to know the old days are memorable to others as well.

Post Picture: The little monkey image that popped in Etsy beta when an error had occurred.

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