Bits and Pieces and Coasters

New item at the shop. I have one more set to photograph and two to finish...ok, two to start. The mind is willing...

I'm back at my temp job. It's interesting to be out with people, to observe and listen. Around 2, though, I find myself wanting to go home, wishing for windows in the room where I work, wishing I could at least tweet the things I hear people say. So many interesting opinions from the mundane to the political.

I have 3 custom orders to work on. I also really want to buy a new camera for my portrait session on Sunday. I have a feeling that, like wearing new shoes before they're broken in, I shouldn't. Or if I do, I shouldn't use it. But I really want a new camera and my parents are willing to go in half with me and there's the perfect one on sale and...

Post Picture: The coasters with my mug from my trip to Montreal.

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  1. Great coasters! Hello from a fellow CTer (followed you here from twitter - how fun is that site? I'm hooked!).