Where does my resolve go from day to day? It's most confusing.

Finished those magnets and another set yesterday. I love this particularly photo. (It's clickable, as I always try to make my item pics.) I'm resisting the urge to rephoto all the others. Maybe one at a time, over a few days I'll do it.

So my super-secret earring project, that has been burning a hole in my brain for over a year, is on hold again. I need a bench pin. I didn't realize, being such a fanatical DIY-er (and being broke as a joke in the past and therefore taking no class), that it helps you saw straight. Yeah. *doof* So the hunt is on for one.

I've started listing sewing patterns. I hope they sell. Mom and I have oodles. *crafty hoarders* I'm only going to list uncut ones. It bothers me some that I now have two destash sections in my shop. But I think it's better than to overrun the first one with patterns. I know there will be a lot. I'm all about organizing right now.

Slow work continues on my site. It's kinda fun to read something and then code it. Old school from way back, WHAT?!