No, I haven't lost it. I just can't think of a coherent title. Heh.

I'd love to say I've been working on new things, but I haven't. I'd love to say I've photographed all these supplies I said I was going to list. But I haven't. I'd love to say I've finally found some sort of gainful employment, but as yet, neither I nor the temp agency I 'signed' with, has. I'm stuck sort of. I have things I want to do, but instead...I blog. And think. About how not to think. I'm peculiar.

Little bro's birthday is in 2 days essentially. I'm going to make his gift, part because I'm cheap and part because he asked for something. Of course, he deserves more...he's a great little brother. I just...yeah.

Inspired by Etsyan Lemonade's blog post on reading I trekked up to the library and got that book.

I had read all the other Left Behind book...well, not the preceding three. Anyway, I'm sorely disappointed with this one. Unbelievably disappointed. I'm going to finish it, because I don't like leaving books unfinished. But I-yai-yai! (spl?) I don't recommended. The fact that just as many customer reviews on Amazon gave it 2 stars as gave it 4 should tell you something.

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  1. You have some really cool photos there. I like your blog.

    I have bookmarked your blog, keep it up!

    Do drop by my blog and have a look.