Until tomorrow...or perhaps later

Macrame Bracelet with Wooden, Glass and Metal beads

That bracelet sold yesterday. It was very much a surprise. The buyer had just signed up that day. I like to think she signed up just to buy from me. :P Who knows how true that is. I'd sure like to know how she found me. That was the first time a buyer-only bought from me. It made me feel rather special. Then I saw that one seller on Etsy has over 3,000 sales. I felt small again. Anyway, I mail the bracelet tomorrow.

I'm supposed to be working on more earrings. Though I think one earring will actually be part of a necklace. It would look better as a necklace. I don't have all the components I need for it. I'd like to use some chain and I don't have any. Bead store isn't open until Tuesday.

New earrings shall be listed in LP by rJax in the next few days. Hopefully tomorrow...if I get my butt upstairs.

I'm also having the hardest time trying to decide who to spend the money I have from the bracelet sale. Supplies, ad space or a little present for myself. Hmmm...we, er, I shall see.


  1. How beautiful!!!! Where do you get your beads?

  2. I'll buy beads anywhere if they speak to me. For this, the glass ones I bought at Michaels, the metal ones at Joanns (they no longer carry that brand, though), the wooden one I got from my Mom.

    Thanks for the compliment. :)