currently 11.10

In September I saw a 'call to artists' post on Tumblr. The vlogbrothers' charity event Project for Awesome was coming up and the team was looking for artists to create perks to be given to people who donate. I'm a fan of the vlogbrothers (individuals and as a duo) and immediately wanted to submit something. I set to work on a couple design ideas. It took some time, but I answered that call with the item pictured above. It's a woodburned ornament with the initialism DFTBA (meaning Don't Forget to be Awesome...it's a vlogbrothers/nerdfighter reference). It was a nervous few days waiting to see if my item was approved. They did! And now my project of the moment is to get 20 ornaments done and mailed by the 21st of this month. Oh, and I'll be sure to add this ornament to the shop when these 20 are done.

I'd forgotten what it was like to work in batches. I'd forgotten how much I like to work through design and production snags. Those problems may keep me awake and be frustrating but they're a pleasurable sort. I kinda missed that feeling of being brain-tired but happy from making. I'll work on holding on to that.



My brother is having a baby! Well, his wife is having a baby. Sister-in-law told me the colors they have planned for the nursery (purple and grey) and said I could make whatever I wanted. I found this yarn, (it's purplish and goes wonderfully with grey) and had to get it...and two skeins of purple that goes with it. These will go with another purple and a grey yarn that I already have. I also bought two other skeins of green-ish yarn to finish another project.

I keep buying yarn. I have 4 big plastic boxes of it already but...I keep getting more. It's pretty...and I'm weak.

Happy Saturday!



I'm trying to stick to a schedule. It's hard when you feel like you have nothing...and everything.

Ah, life. What a trip you are.


back in the swing

It's been a long year. One I can hardly believe is almost over. I'm trying to apply myself to what's left of it.

The last days...maybe a week or so, I've endeavored to create some self-discipline in myself. It's too early to declare it a success or not. I'm doing things, though. I'm crossing things off lists I've had/modified/lost/rewritten many times over the years. It hurts sometimes...to make myself pay attention. It hurts to sit at my desk instead of the floor with my laptop propped on a trashcan. (I needed to try harder.) But I try to tell myself it's worth it. And it does feel good to finish a thing (or a part of a thing).

I'm making new lists, breaking down big tasks, organizing bits and pieces...eliminating redundancies. I'm not perfect. I get distracted...for hours sometimes. I get frustrated, wayward. I'm still officially unemployed. I go to bed knowing most days that I could have done more. My lists still include 'gimme' tasks like 'get up' and 'get dressed'. I still need the easy reward, that simple gratification to get me to tackle the bigger things...the things I've been scared to try.

I want to keep this up. I want to get better. I want to go to bed knowing that, while there will always be more to do, I'm satisfied with my effort that day.
So I'm back here. I'm photographing things again (with my camera, my iPod, and soon a new cell phone). I'm writing again. I'm making again. I'm revisiting old ideas which is birthing new ones. I'm out-of-practice. My creative muscles are easily fatigued. But the workout each day feels good.

As ever,