breathe 1.22

Minifolk opened.
Vowed to take a pic every day.
Semester started.

The title is a note to self. The list is proof to self that I am doing things even though it may not be everything that I think I should/could/want to do.

One of my new goals is to be content in what I'm doing but not complacent in doing nothing. A second part of that is to stop worrying. I worry a lot. My family's in a prolonged tough spot financially...like 10% of Americans. So I worry about that mostly. But really anything that can add stress to my brain does. My mind goes 8,000 miles an hour from the time I wake up until I final tire myself out and fall asleep. It's no way to live...not healthy at least. (combed out a gray hair the other day. freaked. out!)

I tried it for a second...putting the break on the worry whirlpool. I took a step back and focused on...nothing. A weight lifted, for as cliche as that sounds. Worry is so heavy. I had no idea what to do with the now vacant brainspace. Still haven't figured it out beyond using that energy to do actual work. But I will be striving to keep more of my thinking open to appreciate where I am, what I'm doing, reflect on the positive along with the negative. To take a moment to mentally exhale and dump all the stuff I carry around with me. To breathe.

Post Picture: My rings, nestled in the corner of the kitchen windowsill. I'm hoping the sentiment to worry less is one that will ring true...for all of us.


  1. Breathing is a good idea. I get caught in the worry whirlpool as well, it's no fun.

    In other news, I'm loving the new shop and the pic of the rings on the sill has a lot of texture and character, great shot!

  2. Visit my blog and preferably "participate"

  3. Hi. Just found your blog- very appealing :)

    I like that you're trying to feel content just being you- most people never manage that.

    The weight lifting off can be very very true- cliche, but true. Things that can seem so over-burdening and constantly looming over one's head, that we somehow pray to get rid off in one way or another- oddly enough- just don't matter.

    You know what girl? That realization just made you richer than any of the 10% Americans out there tackling adversity for what can seem like forever.

    Hope you find a lot of peace always.