along the way- packaged
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Woke up to a sale notification email. Checking my shop, I was down 3 items. Of course, that warranted a happy dance in the chair...more like a wiggle. Two of the Post Office guys stopped by my table at the October fair. One bought a set of magnets then, the other took a business card. I didn't think anymore about it.

He was the buyer today. Three pairs of earrings. Made my December! I wiffed this year in the promotions department, so focused I was on getting through the two shows. This was lovely.

Post Picture: Old and new packaging. The one of the right is more time-consuming, probably only by a few seconds, but when you're rushing...it makes a difference. I'll still use it on occasion. The other is an address label and one piece of ribbon. So much easier but still nice.


  1. I like the mailing label version better! Clean & simple!



  2. your packaging and jewelry signage (not sure if that's p.c.) always looks so mice.

    it's so great when folks you give you info out to along to way actually come through and make a purchase. :-D