I have ton of things to do in the preparation for my show next month on the 11th. I'm not sure how much to make or to bring. I tried to get a Propay account so I could take credit cards, so far no dice.

Today was also my interview with the Hartford Courant. Very exciting. I think it went well. Now I must hope that the article will be a go. It would be published in November, right before the Made For You show.

Writing of Made for You the post picture today is my ad for their playbill/lookbook. I'm pretty pleased with it. I think it will help in my effort to design a site for myself. I like the crisscrossing lines in particularly, being a fan of most things plaid.

Busy today, production on items to sell and items to use as displays. And warding off rain. No rain today, please. Please?


  1. so much goodness going on for you right now. :-D

    i love the ad. very neat and well put together.

  2. it's blowing my mind, i'm surprised everyday almost. i've waited a long time for this and relishing every moment.

    thanks for the ad compliment, too!