Fill in the Bubble

You can now make your own stick person magnets. Okay, I make them, but you choose what goes in the bubble. (short words work best)

I've always accepted custom orders. I just finished two requests I got off-Etsy. But I'm not sure how clear that was. Hopefully, this listing makes it clear. (The picture is clickable.)

I'm contemplating cutting the market on Wednesdays. This will reduce stress on me but really it's not just that. Location is important and I don't fit in there. Though I do love the market manager.

Working on new bracelets, wristlets, woodburned items that are bigger than the magnets I offer now. Oh, and I applied to Trunkt again and got rejected. :)

Post Picture: First photo for the custom magnet listing.


  1. I seriously love the magnets! Good luck with all the other stuff too!

    I may have to blog about the love I feel for the magnets... I'll let you know!

    I'm a magnet junkie!

  2. i was accepted to trunkt once upon a time, accepted, then kicked out a few weeks later. who knows.

    impressive work you have i love it.