Weekend Blurble- Hmmm

Spent most of the weekend falling into a funk. In fact I just deleted what I was going to post because it was a little frightful

Sometimes, I just want to be left alone. I don't mind. I'm used to it now.

Ordered chain, bags for magnets, listed the remaining Dots earrings. I'll make others, once I buy more earwires...and headpins. *sigh*

Where did my cheerfulness go?

Post Picture: One my show display pics. I'm going back to that market on Thursday. Wish me luck! I'm nervous as heck.


  1. I sure hope you feel better, soon, but funk is a necessary part of life, for without a the funk, how will we know when we feel great?

  2. Your creativity amazes me.

  3. Beautiful necklace.

    As far as funks go...I think I've been in one for 6 months now.

    Hope you feel better. :)

  4. Jes, you're right. I like that way of looking at it.

    Liadan and ali, thanks.