I went back to the Billings Forge Farmer's Market. I'm thinking I may be too expensive for farmer's market. People are coming to buy food, and the food is pretty inexpensive, though local and yummy. Yesterday I was next to a guy selling $1.50 trays of produce. Yeah. Even the Dots look like a lot then. I think I always knew this, but...well, that's a long story.

Today was better than yesterday for me as a person. I wasn't as stressed out, maybe because I've done that market before. I sold one pair of Dots earrings that hadn't made it to the shop, yet. It was 91 degrees with very little breeze and a lot of humidity. That's the CT River Valley, for you. I was extremely thankful for the tent.

So, farmer's markets are a great way to get started with shows. I'm going back to both next week because I said I would. After that, if sales aren't any better, I may move on. Still...I'm glad I did them. Met a lot of people, gave out cards and got tons of compliments. It's encouraging for the most part.

Post Picture: Me after we unpacked the car. Hot and tired.

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