Now 2.16

I joined the Etsy Photopalooza! today. To include pictures in my posts I am to do. So there!

You know it's not good when your mom says she's proud of you and the first thing you think is, when your head on your hand, "No, this horrible." Emotional rollercoasters suck.

Generally I try to post pictures of things that relate somehow to the post. I guess I'll say, and I'm reaching here, that I'm a mess like those loops, but hoping that out of all this there will be something good that lasts forever, or a long time. (Those old-school woven potholders are tough.)

Post Picture: From May of 2007- potholder loops, some on the loom, in the shadows. One of the pics my camera agreed to. It's such a cantankerous little thing.


  1. I'm lov'n the Photopalooza pic. Great colours!


  2. I got one of these for my son for Christmas. I think I had more fun doing a pot holder than he did out of sheer sentimentality. He was fascinated that my handiwork could still be seen in the kitchen of my grandmother nearly 30 years after the fact.