Thanks to Etsy

This started as a forum thread today. Then magnoliastreet put it on her blog. I figured I will too. *is copying, oh no :P*

Thanks to Etsy:

-I've discovered how much I really need to be creative.
-I've found out that I really love photography, whether I'm good at it remains to be determined.
-I look at everything wonder how they made it. How could I make it?
-I've 'met' a ton of super-cool talented people, artists of all kinds.
-I've decided that I want designing and making things, my interests are too vast too narrow down, to be a part of my life forever, what I do when I grow up. :P
-I've loaded up my room with more bits of paper, string, beads, and fabric.
-My family asks about my Etsy friends regularly. I still live at home. It's funny.
-My family asks if I can use things for packaging or reconstruction before they throw them away. I love FREE!
-I don't get much done sometimes. The ETC sections of the forums is addicting.
-I've found lots of other cool sites: Flickr, Blogger, Deviantart...to name a few. I was pretty sheltered.
-I desperately want to try about a dozen new techniques, that I knew nothing about prior to Etsy.

Etsy has seriously opened up so much to me. It's made this time when I don't have a job easier. (Though honestly, I quit my job with a lot of happiness. It's just the regular money that I miss.) I don't get to buy as much as I like...I like a lot.

That's it.

You can answer, now. :)


  1. I read Magnolia's blog and post too. Your list is different so it's not copying. Love it. I've been very changed by etsy too.

  2. you gave her credit for it so I think it's okay.....I think....
    Etsy has made a difference in most of us.

  3. Hooray! Glad you were inspired to post along the same lines. Many positive things have exploded into my life because of Etsy and I'm glad it's having the same effect on you! Cheers!